Unmanned Aircraft System

We have more than a decades experience in design, development, integration, V&V, commissioning and operation of large Unmanned Aircraft Systems up to 1020 kg UAVs. This includes air vehicle, ground station, payload integrations, communication links and propulsion systems.


Air Vehicle and Autopilot Design

For air vehicle and autopilot design, we follow aviation standard most modern tools and techniques. We incorporate industry popular simulation tools and hardware in the loop methodology for analysis and controller tuning.


Air defense system

A vast experience in Integration of proprietary sensor (Radars) data with customized unified gateway systems, processing of sensor supplied target data using state of the art tracking techniques and representation as man-machine interface using open standards for multiple platform compatibility.


Avionics and Embedded Systems

We are expert in avionics and embedded systems design, development and commissioning. We follow industry standards to develop all levels of embedded systems as following

  • PC-104+ and SBCs
  • FPGAs and ASICs
  • Micro processors & controllers