Auto-tracking System

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Vortex Auto Tracking system is a system that track the UAV’s location and use this information to correctly align the antennas and to improve the payload real-time video link communication signal.

This automated tracking can be done efficiently as it will receive real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) input data of the UAV from the Ground Control Station (GCS) software which is updated regularly throughout the mission.

This tracking antenna has been specially designed to rugged, portable and to be readily dissembled and packed into the boot of car to enable rapid transportation to and from the survey sites.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all autopilot systems, simple plug and play
  • Flexible plug-and-play solution for long range data transmission.
  • Highly-accurate integrated pointing algorithm
  • Automatic switching between directional and omni-directional antenna modes
  • Tracking system capable of being rotated 360º to control the azimuth rotation
  • Reliable hardware configuration and user-friendly software environment

System Specification
Frequency OptionsISM 5.6Ghz - 5.9Ghz
GPS Data RateCustomizable
Sensitivity<-92 dBm
Serial InterfaceUSB, RS232, CANopen
Power Requirement
Input Voltage24/48 VDC
Input Current3.8 A
Positioner MountingTripod
Azimuth Rotation360º

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