Autonomous Flight Control System


Vortex Johar 1.0 provides a complete avionics system solution including the core autopilot, flight sensors, navigation, wireless communication, and payload interfaces, all in a small and highly integrated package. Moreover, it is backed by full hardware in the loop simulation system for modeling, simulation, autopilot tuning for any airframe.

Autopilot patent (PI2017704487) is currently active(pending) at a national trademark office.


Fixed Wing Aircrafts Multi-Rotors Helicopters

Key Features

  • Full 3D Waypoint Navigation.
  • Autonomous Takeoff & Precision Landing.
  • Flexibility for integrating Wide Range of Digital and Analog Avionics sensors.
  • Flexible I/O support (08 configurable GPIO lines)
  • Suitable for Wide Variety of UAV’s in both Fixed wing or VTOL configurations.
  • Customizable for specific user required mission patterns like(Racetrack, Petal, Sector and Expanding Square)
  • Both Software and Hardware in the Loop  Simulation Modes for Complete Mission Testing.
  • Control Multiple UAV’S with single Ground Control Station.
  • Thin form factor for small hand launch and VTOL configurations.

Flight Controller 
Flight Modes
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Stability Augmented Steering
  • Direct Manual Control
AutonomyFull 3D Waypoint Navigation
Take Off and Landing
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Supports hand launch, catapult and runway
Inertial Sensors3 axis Gyros, 500° per sec, 3 Axis Accelerometer 3.6g
Air Data Sensors70 kts max indicated airspeednBarometer Pressure Sensor 110-30 kPa (30,000 ft.)
Navigational Sensor5 Hz uBlox Module GPS Receiver
Programmable Waypoints500 waypoints saved in Johar 1.0 as Default
Digital/Analog I/O08/08
Supported Peripherals
  • Transponders
  • EO/IR gimbals and servo PTZ gimbals
  • LASER and ultrasonic altimeters
  • Payload pass-through commands
Optional Add-Ons
Telemetry Options900 MHz unlicensed ISMn900 MHz Australian bandn2.4 GHz unlicensed ISMn310-390 MHz discreten1350-1390 MHz discreten1670-1700 MHz discrete
Laser AltimeternAuto LandingProvides accurate altitude information allowing the vehicle to perform a soft flared landing
DGPS Auto LandingExtends the auto landing performance by using 2 cm accuracy DGPS. Supports autonomous taxi, rolling takeoff, and net recovery.
Dimensions104 x 50 x 14 mm
Enclosure/MountingUnenclosed to provide installation flexibility and minimum weight
Environmental and Power
Operating Temperature 55°
Power requirements6V ~ 12V

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