UAV Solutions


Precision Agriculture

The Zarai Sense is a hand-launched light weight UAV system for Precision Agriculture applications. The system has advanced sensor and analyses capabilities to help farmers increase crop yield manifold through optimising input, quickly reacting to threats and saving both time and expenses.



Vortex Edge offers innovative fixed-wing UAV mapping solution that incorporate with high-resolution camera genuinely specialized for mapping and surveying applications. The overall system has capabilities to collect high-resolution raw aerial images while being efficient in terms of manpower, cost and time.


Livestock management

Vortex Edge provides efficient and cost-effective livestock monitoring solution across the ranch especially in extensive range lands that are difficult to access. The system incorporates fixed-wing UAV equipped with high-resolution FLIR thermal camera. Our system have abilities to track and mark each of the livestock and send real-time aerial overview video of the area.


Wildfire and Bushfire Detection

Vortex Edge utilize the use of high performance thermal imaging camera along with the advance image processing technique and analyse thermographic images for the detection of hotspot in order to making it a very early warning fire detection system.


Day/Night Surveillance System

Vortex Edge provides great assistance for day and night surveillance operation by equipping UAV system with high-quality HD video camera during day surveillance and utilizing thermal sensor technology for night vision. In addition, the implementation of 2-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal, combined with the smoothness and regularity of the aircraft’s flight, allow getting images and footage that are stable enough for monitoring, even at full zoom.


UGV (Perimeter Security)

Vortex UGV is a gyro-stabilized electric unmanned ground vehicle that carries the surveillance sensors and can be either autonomously or remotely driven by an operator through wireless communication.